Welcome to ACT/COLEMAN, INC.

Our strength and credibility can be seen in our customers. Having 50 years of experience and being the innovator in wheel manufacturing equipment, ACT/Coleman has earned a strong reputation among manufacturers worldwide.  We offer extensive knowledge of the Haas CNC and Femco machinery.  We were the exclusive representative in the wheel industry for more than 30 years.

 Meeting the needs of the wheel industry, ACT/Coleman introduced a new niche – motorcycle wheel blanks.  Partnering with a wheel manufacturer, All American Wheel was created. Today, it is the largest distributor of motorcycle wheel blanks in the world.

Looking to widen ACT/Coleman’s arena, ACT/Coleman introduced the emergency brake system in 2009 – E-Stopp which was honored with the NSRA Safety award.  This brake system has been well received in the ability and hot rod industries.

Veering from the wheel industry, ACT/Coleman looked into the firearm industry. We applied for an FFL manufacturing license and was approved for manufacturing and as a dealer. Dabbling in manufacturing parts for firearm companies, ACT/Coleman turned its eyes on the reloading aspect of the firearm industry.  In 2013, the Trim-It was introduced with the patented micrometer.  The reloading community has welcomed it in to their fold.

What will they turn to eyes to next? Time will tell.


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