Wheel Plant Acquisitions, Divestitures, Liquidations and Auctions


Our many years of supplying equipment to the worldwide wheel industry has also made us experts at acquisitions, divestures, liquidations and auctions of wheel manufacturing companies from all over the world.

In an acquisition or divesture, we bring both parties together in the most discrete and beneficial manner.

If liquidation is desired, we will market your assets worldwide to obtain top dollar. A liquidation can be completed in 90-120 days.

If a liquidation is not desired, ACT/Coleman and an auctioneer will perform and auction and advertise it industry and worldwide and will conduct live over the Internet as well. We work with the leading auctioneers in Southern California, Australia, and Europe.

Additional Information To discuss your acquisition, divesture, liquidation or auction, please see Larry K. Goodman or Gus Del Rivero . Your inquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence.









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